Monday, May 28, 2012

Behold......the Withings WiFi Scale. The Buck Stops Here.

Accountability. The final mile. The buck stops here. It's what being grown up really is (but no one quite explains that to you). But data doesn't like buck passers either because that's what makes experiments go awry, results get fudged and results all wonky to assuage a well intentioned scientists' agenda. Unless we're talking quantum stuff, but even Einstein called that stuff wacky. Just because we WANT an outcome doesn't make it ok to "juke the stats" - sorry, obscure Wire quote, I was a fan. So, for the very bold and willing to be painfully transparent and accountable - and very apt to leave the ego solidly where it belongs - somewhere outside, near the trash,  behold:
the Withings WiFi Scale! I weigh myself regularly, but tend to stop once the jeans get snug, ya know, when that pesky dryer must be running so hot as to shrink them, yet again. I will refrain from posting my "fat booth" photo for now, but I do promise to post it this week. I am still explaining to people that it is not photoshopped, it's just 4 solid years of beer, frozen yogurt and cereal for every meal of the day as a young naive "vegetarian". In other words, I was in college. In Michigan. But I digress. This scale is all about the #quantifiedself. Check it out. It wirelessly transmits your daily weight BMI and fat % to your device and tracks over time. Wow! Where have i been? No more self doubt, no more blame. It's just data. Want to change your life, change your data. Now this is getting fun. And for those who say "but these gizmos all seem to add up, and Crossfit is expensive, and your nutty foods are pricey...let me tell you something...have you seen an average hospital bill lately? Or the regular budget you need for totally avoidable dis-eases? Yeah, this stuff's  a relative bargain. OK, and fun too. This is NOT for the weary. Once mine arrives, I intend to make all the data transparent online in keeping with the theme here. This isn't about obsession, it's about information...and trying to get the one thing that I think makes lots of us anxious - the desire to figure out some sort of causal link between what we do, and how we feel. Yes, I know. Something can just fall on your head and kill you and poof you're gone - but that's out of my hands. I am certainly not a scientist but look what an English major (who took stats Pass/Fail and bailed before I was willing to get an F) and PR pro can do with a little googling and desire to know...can I get a witness? I will also just state for the record, I'm not about "size zero"  - we crossfitters know strong is the new sexy...and it's also not healthy to be scary skinny. This is about health. Period. And if my jeans fit along the way, well, bonus. And also: for those who aren't small in size, this isn't about that either. Healthy people tend not to carry too much extra weight. The heart gets taxed, knees buckle, etc. So I don't wish to offend anyone here, this is my experiment and not a vanity "i want to look hot" thing...because hot is all about what's in the brain right guys? Just ask my husband. Stay healthy my friends! 

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